Hi Everyone! 
My name is Deborah but I go by Deb. I am a student at Towson University majoring in English. I am from Howard County, MD which is about 40 minutes away from Baltimore. My plan is to have my degree by the spring of 2019. I hope to work in some type of editorial job like a magazine. In my free time, I enjoy photography, which you will find a lot on this website. I am known to be funny, friendly and passionate about the kind of work that I am doing. I have a real enjoyment of working on the creative sides of a project but I have been getting a better grasp on programs dealing with coding. 
For photography, I am more into portraits, a lot of people know the phrase ‘a picture says a thousand words’, well to me, a portrait break open a story. Whether or not the person wanted you to capture a certain emotion, the camera will still catch it. Happiness, fear, stress, love. All of it gets blown up in my lens. Then I take the photo and put it under zoom and enhance the photo. I enhance the message in order to get my audience to understand what I am trying to say. My style is typically in matte, I feel like matte gives off a dark deep mood and gives more clarity to most of my shots.
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